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Incorporating the most scientific technology for its advance into the next millennium



The struggle to overcome disease has continued ever since the human race came into existence. The development of medical supplies as a scientific method of counteracting disease has resulted in saving precious human life from many kinds of incurable diseases. Being a life-related business, Kotobuki feels that one of its greatest missions is to develop pharmaceuticals for the future that are truly new and unique.

In developing new drugs, it is necessary to utilize state-of-the-art technology from the fields of medicine, organic synthetic chemistry, genetic engineering and electronics as well as pharmacy. The development of a new drug is the result of creative technology fused with the latest applicable and peripheral scientific technology.
Together with its use of creative technology, Kotobuki’s development technology makes use of the latest medical and pharmaceutical achievements including fine organic chemistry, biotechnology and new pharmacological theory. In addition, reliable production technology is also used as it has been demonstrated in Kotobuki’s various products such as the MARZULENE S Conbination Granules. By taking full advantage of such technologies as those listed here, Kotobuki strives to develop original pharmaceuticals with new active mechanisms.

State-of-the-art high technology allows Kotobuki to develop new pharmaceuticals with unprecedented regularity.

The primary aim of Kotobuki is the protection of the human health. Medical and pharmaceutical themes related to such an aim are inexhaustible. There is considerable expectation for the development of effective medical supplies for treating outbreaks of as yet incurable diseases.
Science is fundamental to the development of new drugs, and in recent years science has undergone dramatic developments. Organic synthetic chemistry and genetic engineering have become essential to the scientific field. The progress that has been made in analysis on the beneficial pharmacological mechanism at the molecular level is obvious. Kotobuki has various research support systems available in the area of new pharmaceutical development, of which molecular design by computer is one.

In addition, in developing new pharmaceuticals, Kotobuki makes use of prior studies of the pharmacological action of drugs, as well as pharmaceutical preparation studies, safety tests, and investigations concerning absorption, distribution, metabolism, excretion of drugs. By carrying out R&D activities of this nature, Kotobuki Pharmaceutical makes full use of the most advanced technologies to develop new, effective drugs with minimal side effects.
In recent years, the company has begun conducting cooperative research in conjunction with other research institutions both inside and outside Japan. The results generated by such research are highly regarded at medical and pharmaceutical symposia at the national and international level.

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Excellent product quality and accurate information are what make Kotobuki reliable


Medical supplies consistently exert influence on life and health, thus, they must be of the highest quality. At Kotobuki, medical supplies are manufactured in production plants that fully meet the strictest GMP standards. All items are manufactured under a fully integrated system which governs every stage of production from raw materials to finished products. Because of its extreme attention to quality control and its use of the most advanced technology, the medical supplies in the Kotobuki product range have an excellent reputation among medical practitioners and pharmacists alike.
In addition, Kotobuki also gives top priority to saving energy and the preservation of the environment. This is clearly shown by the energy saving heat accumulating air conditioning system introduced into its new production plant and the comprehensive range of measures which it undertakes in the treatment of waste water.

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Various apparatuses

NMR, FT-IR, MS, LC/MS/MS, HPLC, a fluorocytometer, liquid chromatography for fractionation, a particle diameter measuring instrument, a microwave synthesizer, a parallel synthesizer, a differential thermal analyzer, a heat analyzer, a Magnus meter, a biochemistry analyzer, an absorptiometer, an elution examination container, a powdery X-ray crystallographic analysis meter, particle size distribution meter etc.







Stability test chamber



Elution examination container

Particle size distribution meter

personal organic synthesizer

Medium pressure liquid chromatography

Liquid scintillation counter for microplate
crystal gamma

Gamma Counter

Sunlight irradiation device for phototoxicity test

Multimode plate reader