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1. When we established our company:Active substances were extracted from medical herbs produced in Nagano prefecture.

Apricot kernel water (antitussive, expectorant) was produced from apricots.

Scopolia extract in those days

Scopolia extract (stomachic) was extracted from Scopolia japonica.

Senega was cultivated. Senega syrup (antitussive・expectorant drug) was produced from senega roots.
Senega is a perennial plant from North America. Indian’s Seneca people used their roots as a first aid when bitten by Rattle Shake. The Seneca people live in a forested area near Rochester in the northwestern part of New York State on the east coast of the United States. It will rain throughout the year. Summer is mild. It is cold in winter, it is one of the major snowfall areas in North America and belongs to the climate of the wet continent. Therefore, the climate of Seneca residential area and Northern Nagano prefecture are similar.

Berberine hydrochloride (Stomach medicine that uses bitterness) was extracted from Amur Corktree.
Arnoglossa was collected and used as crude drug raw material. (Antitussive drug)
Fennel was collected and used as crude drug raw material. (Gastrointestinal drug)
Rheum was collected and used as crude drug raw material. (Laxative)
Rutin was extracted from Sophora Japonica Flower of Flower bud of Japanese Pagoda Tree. Rutin also called Vitamin P.
Geranium thunbergii was collected and used as crude drug raw material. (Gastrointestinal drug)
The seeds of Strychnine tree (another name:Strychnos nux-vomica) was dried and produced nux-vomica extract (Stomach medicine that uses bitterness) .

2. Business transformation from crude drugs to chemical synthetic drugs.

chamomile 2
By chemically modifying Azulene contained in chamomile, Marzulene S combination Granules and Marzulene combination Tablet ES (therapeutic agent for gastritis, gastric ulcer and duodenum)and Azuloxa Granules 2.5%, Azuloxa tablets 15mg(therapeutic agent for gastric ulcer)were successfully developed.
L-glutamine (therapeutic agent for gastritis, gastric ulcer and duodenum) contained in cabbage also serves as an ingredient of Marzulene S combination Granules and Marzulene combination Tablet ES.
Study of chemical synthesis focusing on “sugar” which plays a wide variety of roles within organisms is also ongoing.
We developed a Suglat Tablets based on the phlorizin which was a glucoside included in the bark of the apple.
We pay my attention to action to control the cholesterol absorption to have of the plant sterol included in the embryo ingredient of cereals such as the soba and develop the drug which lowers blood cholesterol density and LDL density by controlling absorption of cholesterol.
We inherit the will of the deceased of the Dr. Katsusaburo Yamagiwa whom gave birth to of the native district and study the anticancer agent. (1863~1930. The first Tokyo University medical department pathology classroom professor, Winning Nordhoff Jung Prize. He continues painting the ear of the rabbit with coal tar and succeed in the outbreak experiment of population cancer for the first time in the world, and it is with candidate Nobel Prize for the first time for a colored race. )
SEMI-POSTAL STAMPS FOR ANTI-CANCER CAMPAIGN The Ministry of Postal Affairs has issued semi-postal stamps for anti-cancer campaign. First date of issue, October 21, 1966
We study urologic diseases.