Kotobuki pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Access Map



From Tokyo
Hokuriku Shinkansen Tokyo st
 About 1.5 h
Ueda st
Taxi 25 min Shinano Railway
            10 min
Sakaki st
Taxi 5 min

By the car


From Tokyo
 Via Kan-etsu Expressway
(From Nerima IC about 2 hours and 30 minutes)
(About 180 km)
Nerima IC (Tokyo)
 Kan-etsu Expressway
Fujioka JCT
 Joshin-etsu Expressway
Sakaki IC
 Go straight 500 m
Turn right at the end, Route 18
 About 1 km
Turn left at the “Tamachi” crossing
Cross Sakaki-ohashi and turn left immediately
Turn left at the end
Our office